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Tri Kriya®

Invoke, Breathe & Meditate™

Kriyā is a Sanskrit word derived from the Sanskrit root, kri (कृ), that means “to do”. The word Kriyā means “Spiritual Action or Deeds” to uplift Spiritually. Once committed one can desire a precise Spiritual outcome. In today’s world, it is of extreme significance as it provides the easiest way to uplift Spiritually manifesting complete serenity and a robust path to receive Higher Divine guidance.

Typically, all the present known Kriya techniques emphasizes the relationship between breath and mind. The breath influences the mind and vice-versa. And there are many variations of breathing and meditation techniques related to different aspects of the human body. By far, Ommm Kriya (aka Tri Kriya) not only focuses on breath and mind, but body and soul as well. It is a tool for people in the 21st century who are busy with a day to day lifestyle yet want to be Blissful without spending too much time and effort. It is a Golden Key to unlock all doors towards Spirituality since with the growth of your maturity and belief, you start unlocking all higher Divine possibilities directed by the Divine and chosen by your will. In essence, it is a gateway to reach a Blissful state (unconsciously) and ultimately merge with the Consciousness.

It is known as Ommm Kriya, as once mastered it directly starts working on the “Eye Brow” (Agnya) chakra of dedicated aspirant.

It is also called “Tri Kriya” as it involves all three Beej mantras of the “Eye Brow” chakra (Agnya).

Ommm Kriya (or Tri Kriya) is not a normal kriya or yoga technique. It is an inseparable gateway to The Divine. It is indeed a sacred gift from the Divine Supreme Energy (Adhya Shakti). It brings physical and mental energy changes that NOT only aligns the body, mind and spirit but also puts you in direct prospective with Divine Energy for a higher purpose. It directly starts working on the  “Eye Brow” (Agnya) chakra of a committed and mastered aspirant and gradually balances all lower chakras and energy vibrations. All three Beej Mantras of the “Eye Brow” (Agnya) chakra represents three distinctive yogic energies named in Sanskrit Vedic scriptures as Sri Maha Pratyangira, Sri Sharabha Shiv and Sri Jagadambe Durga. These three energies are collectively known as Tri-Shakti energy, each representing the Ferocious aspect, Merciful aspect and Liberation aspect of the Divine Supreme energy respectively.

In a nutshell:

Ferociousness aspect destroys Spiritual ignorance.

Merciful aspect tarnishes bad deeds & past karmas.

Liberation aspect seeks Soul liberation or Moksha.

This sacred Kriya procedure has been made publicly available since 2015 by ShivShaktiji and will be handed down to the future Tri Kriya lineage of masters directly through the master-disciple method of teaching.

Why Invoke, Breathe & Meditate?

Invoke Aspect

After you receive initiation you can invoke these energies.

Breath Aspect

Breath is a bridge between the body and the mind. When trying to meditate it is extremely common to have tension in the muscles and noisy thoughts in the mind. The nervous system is the arbiter between the tense body and the noisy mind. One of the best ways to regulate that nervous system, and in turn the body and mind, is through the breath. This has been known by the Yogis for thousands of years, and has also come to be widely known in recent years by the modern medical and psychological community. One of the finest, easiest, and most direct ways to train the breath, and in turn, regulate the nervous system, relax the body, and quiet the mind is through “So/hum” mantra practiced at a steady, slow speed, with exhalation somewhat longer in duration than the inhalation. One of the uniqueness of Tri Kriya lies where it does not use “So/Hum” mantra instead, it uses Tri-Shakti Beej Mantra (sacred mantra) related to Eye-Brow (Agnya) Chakra given at the time of initiation. The Energy flows through the entire body during the kriya procedure transforming and energizing every cell in your body. The overall transformation and absorption that occurs in you (body, mind and soul level) is proportional to your faith and dedication in the process.

Meditate Aspect

After your body absorbs positivity, the mind becomes serene, and the soul is enriched with a vast ocean of Divine love and you automatically unconsciously go into a deep meditative state.

Five Pillars

Tri Kriya is made up of five pillars which are:

  1. Aaradhana (worship),
  2. Bhakti (faith & dedication),
  3. Pranayam (rhythmic diaphragm breathing),
  4. Mantra Chanting (Beej mantra chanting)
  5. Meditation (Dhyaan).

It is the ONLY way to equip you with Divine protection and unlimited bliss combining the Mantra, Breathe, and Meditation techniques; hence Tri Kriya – Invoke, Breathe & Meditate™.


It is a blessed process during which you invoke Tri-Shakti energies (after initiation) with the same magnitude and frequency as you would when praying or performing idol worship or ritualistic puja. So, it is a great way to achieve Blissfulness without spending too much time worshiping or performing long rituals.

During the process you must identify and perform your life dharma (righteousness) and evolve within it. In doing so you should not be attached to the results (fruits) of your Karma (actions). In addition, both success and failure of your Karma (actions) should not reflect upon you. Be calm and stable in all situations including the most terrifying one. Being in such a conscious state is a prerequisite for enhancing your Tri Kriya experience. It is not a sin to not be a vegetarian (no meat, fish & poultry) however being one, is full of self-pride and fulfilling, which will be understood with self-experience. And leaving non-vegetarian traits behind is the best course for practicing this path. At some point in one’s life a conscious switch occurs automatically. Try your best and leave the rest to Divine Energy to guide you for your own higher good.

How does it work?

It destroys negativity around you and within you and comforts you with motherly love.

It heals and balances your Chakras/Aura and brings serenity while kicking off the continued rise of your Kundalini energy.

It guides your Kundalini all the way to Sahastrara (Crown) Chakra for self-realization.

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