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Typically Sadhana can be in any form. Any karma (deed) performed in a pious manner for the betterment and upliftment can be considered Sadhana. However, as ShivShaktiji states the best Sadhana is following the path described in the “Raj-Yog”, the 9th chapter from Bhagavad Gitaji. After the Kundalini is awakened and aspired they can choose the path of Tri Sadhana.

Tri Sadhana is a way of worshiping rigorously to achieve blessings and protection from the divine energy with self propelled Bhakti, dedication and commitment. Tri Sadhana consist of worshiping the direct and most sacred form of the Divine Energy through three chief deities along with providing salutations to Panch-Dev, the Vedic Gods. Tri Sadhana is the best direct form of rigorous worship to achieve desired Blissfulness. As a result of being rigorous in nature it is also the most difficult way of worship.

In Tri Sadhana, primarily three unique energies are worshiped – Goddess Maa Pratyangira’s Ugra (Ferocious) Energy, God Sharabheswar Shiv’s Merciful energy and Goddess Maa Jagadambe’s Liberation energy.

The Break down of “Tri Sadhana” in Sanskrit is: “Tri” means “three”, “Sadhana” means “Rigorous Worship to receive blessings”. So Tri Sadhana literally means “Rigorous worship to receive blessings from three deities”.

Below three Sadhanas are very pious, extremely powerful and a guaranteed Bliss provider with fruitful results:

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Tri Sadhana
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