The Oneness of Millions & Oneness of Supreme

Tri-Shakti Maha Mantra

One God, One Family

Why the need for hundreds of thousands of mantras?

There are hundreds of thousands of mantras since people created many variations to represent many forms of the same Divine energy besides the ones mentioned in ancient Vedas.

Why are there various ways to perform worship?

There are many ways to worship since God allowed humankind to use the way liked by them.

Which is the best way to show gratitude from the various ways known?

Based on your destiny and continued devotion to Divinity you will be guided towards the best way and it is up to you to embrace it or leave it.

There are many mantras in Spirituality. Some of them are more powerful than others while some are less influential. Most of them use “OM” as the cosmic power is globally identified through sacred sound of “OM”. In essence, these mantras are different pathways all converging to one Cosmic point. Tri-Shakti Maha Mantra possesses explicit nuclear power to embrace Divinity. Although it contains enormous power it is a Sattvik mantra representing the Divine Energy at the core level.

God’s Message

Starting from Primitive Age, Colonies, Independent societies, Kingdoms, Countries, Modernization, and the current age of Science and Technology humanity has gone through a lot of development. Now since we are at the brink of primary evolution, I want to see the progress go in the right direction to gain the right momentum during the 2nd stage of evolution. Now, they will fly high into space to discover, learn and grow. It is better to equip them with a clear cut understanding of God and their future so they can spend time well and grow collectively. No not all will harmonize but most do.

“Since the birth of humanity I have been very patient with the world. Starting from early primitive age I baby-sit and looked-over their evolution as they gradually progressed further. Yes, I have helped them all the way to ensure continuation. One day humankind will enriched themselves with Divine wisdom ultimately merge into me. And those who are cognizant earlier will merge into me sooner. Many of them have misused their freedom to interpret my messages and have misunderstood me in many ways. But, after all for the sake of humankind I chose not to diverge their believers from the use of their free will. Again and again I always directly and indirectly asked humanity to believe in “One God”.”

God has always said, “do what you feel is best for you”. God will guide if you seek Divine help.

Sharing with others:

This sacred mantra should never be shared with others irrespective of their relationship with you. It is only meant to be given directly through initiation process conducted by approved personnel through Shivshaktiji.


The Divine Energy communicated the Divine mantra to Rudra ShivShaktiji while he was in deep meditative state. He was told many in this world currently suffer from negativity and try different worships of God and even cross connect belief systems as they are not satisfied from within. Instead of people trying different belief systems placed by their interpretation of the Divine Energy they should all converge and collectively proceed towards the universal truth of “Shiv Jyoti”, the pure Divine fire in the shape of third eye. And this will be the triumph of spirituality over belief systems. Eventually, I want the world to acknowledge and worship me in my original form since my very existence in human beings is in energy form.

Why Tri-Shakti:

The trinity of Pratyangira Sarabheshwara Suluni Durga is the highest manifestation (swarop) of the Divine Energy. There is no other ferocious and mightiest yet loving and compassionate manifestation of Divine energy besides the true bare form of “Shiv Jyoti”. They came to guide humankind and make them ready for the new century and to make them aware of the unconditional protection they can receive while they take refuge from increasing negativity in the world.

Why Chakra Beej mantras:

The usage of Chakra Beej mantras is pivotal as it strengthens all chakras and channels the energy within the nadis and chakras.

Who needs to chant:

People who want to not only claim but really walk the path of Spirituality needs to chant this mantra. It starts working on the Eye brow chakra and takes you towards 7th Chakra and subsequent subtle pathways ultimately giving an opportunity to get communion with the Divine Energy. It is for those special people who are ready for the intermediate or last journey of their soul.


The initiation requires acceptance and dedication to this form of Divine Energy. This initiation is very sacred and is only given to chosen people destined to receive it.

Mantra Forte:

Revitalizes body, mind and soul at the highest Divine level possible. And positively affects all aspects of life – health, wealth, overall life journey.

Mantra Benefits:

  • Walk path of “One God, One Family”
  • Burns past life karmas
  • Removes mental blocks and reenergizes Aura
  • Increases memory retention
  • It’s mantra power acts as ingredient for total rejuvenation.
  • Forces Kundalini movement upwards
  • Removes malefic planetary effects
  • Brings Peace and Calmness to mind
  • Enriches soul’s performance
  • Removes obstacles, bad luck and energy blockages
  • Provides protection from negativity through Kaali’s protective energy
  • Provides spiritual nourishment through Shiv’s compassionate energy
  • Directs life towards Divine goal through Durga’s liberation energy
  • Enhances life guided by Divine Energy
  • Transforms into Sadhana of Tri-Shakti deities if you choose from heart
  • Counts as worship towards Divine energy
  • Receive Self-empowerment
  • Attain Self-sustainability

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