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Tri Yog®

Puja, Aarti & Havan™

Tri Yog is a sacred gift from the Divine Supreme Energy (Adhya Shakti). Tri Yog encompasses Tri Shakti Energy which in turn is made up of three unique energies – Maa Pratyangira’s Ugra (Ferocious) Energy, Sharabheswar Shiv’s Merciful energy and Maa Jagadambe’s Liberation energy. In Sanskrit, word “Tri” means “three” and word “Yog” means “to join”. Hence, Tri Yog literally means “to join to three energies unconditionally”.In today’s world there has been many known types of pujas or methods of worshiping many gods in different ways. When one loses their faith in their puja or respective God (energy) they bow down to a different God (energy). But since in essence all energies are part of one unique energy, the Supreme Divine energy, switching their faith merely distracts and tangles one into numerous beliefs and rituals. As a result dissatisfaction, ingratitude and unnecessary delays are often seen as outcomes.

Tri Yog is a unique way to worship Tri Shakti Energies. Worshiping Tri Shakti Energies encompasses all energies present in the world as these three energies in combination is the core substance in its divine form. Tri Yog is the simplest form of devotion and worshiping the Supreme Energy through Tri Shakti Energy. It involves practicing Vedic methods/rituals through a systematic guided approach. It is made up of performing puja in the form of Rudra Abhishek for Lord Sharabheswar Shiv (container source of energy), aarti of Shri Shakti (feminine primordial energy) and havan (fire ritual).

Sadhana is a continuous effort to connect with almighty Supreme Divine Energy for the purpose of achieving your desires. While this method of worshiping is in a greater form compared to Sadhana, the only desire you have in mind is to get unconditional love, motherly comfort, and fatherly protection from Tri Shakti energies. Unconsciously what you receive is “Moksha” – Liberation from birth cycles by tarnishing your bad karmas.

When Tri Yog is performed as a part of your daily routine you invoke these energies (after initiation) with the same magnitude and frequency as if you are performing Sadhana, ritual offering or worshiping. Its power are infinite and enormous. There are no prerequisites for performing Tri Yog and anyone who surrenders unconditionally will benefit the most throughout their life.

How does it work?

  •  First it destroys all kinds of negativity around you and within you and comforts you with motherly love.
  •  Secondly it heals and balances your Chakras/Aura and brings serenity while kicking off the rise of your Kundalini energy.
  •  Lastly it guides your Kundalini all the to way to Sahastrara (Crown) Chakra and ultimately self-realization occurs.

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Tri Yog
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